Trans Manitoba

Trans Manitoba is a grassroots collective of folks who believe the radical idea that Two Spirits, nonbinary people, and transgender folks should speak for ourselves and be seen as critical stakeholders in decisions made for our lives. We believe the personal is political. We advocate for systemic change to improve the lives of Manitobans of all genders through outreach, education, and political and legal action.

Trans Manitoba was originally founded in order to name a group in our human rights complaints against the province of Manitoba. Through the human rights complaint system, we are advocating for all provincial identification documents to offer a nonbinary gender marker or the option to remove gender markers; we are also advocating for equitable medical care for people of all genders.

Trans Manitoba members come from many communities and bring a unique intersection of education, professional expertise, and lived experience to our work. Our knowledge comes from the following areas:

  • Arts & entertainment industry

  • Justice

  • Education

  • Public Health

  • Parenting & families

  • Women’s & Gender Studies

  • Project Management


Trans Manitoba is entirely funded through community support. Our services are offered on a sliding scale, which is made possible through community donations, volunteer hours, and subsidies from our for-profit services.

Why aren’t we a registered charity?

We are small. Grassroots. Volunteer-run. Being small and independent means we can stay true to what is most important to us: that Two Spirit, nonbinary, and transgender people make the decisions for Trans Manitoba. Right now, operating this way is how we are best able to be accountable to this mandate.